Chandrima Guha Roy


Art Educator Art Therapist, PGDPC, Career Counselor

Career counseling before finding a job is vital to help individuals make informed choices and enhance their employability. It provides them with valuable insights into their strengths, interests, and goals, enabling them to align their career path with their aspirations. Career counselors offer guidance on educational choices, skill development, resume building, and interview preparation, which are essential in a competitive job market. They also provide insights into industry trends and job market dynamics, helping job seekers target their efforts effectively. Career counseling empowers individuals to navigate the job search process with confidence, networking strategies, and negotiation skills. It’s a proactive step that fosters career success, ensuring that individuals embark on their professional journeys well-prepared and positioned for fulfilling and rewarding employment. Talent Management helps candidates and clients to get right job a right candidate.

Career counseling before finding a job equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to navigate the job market effectively and make informed career decisions. It helps them start their careers on the right path and increases their chances of finding fulfilling employment.

Career counseling before finding a good future is crucial for students as it acts as a compass in the journey towards a successful and fulfilling professional life. It assists students in identifying their innate talents, interests, and passions, enabling them to choose career paths aligned with their strengths. By offering insights into various industries and job prospects, career counselors help students make informed decisions about their education and skill development, ensuring they acquire the necessary qualifications for their chosen fields. Additionally, early career counseling provides a sense of direction and goal-setting, preventing aimless pursuits. It equips students with tools for effective job searching, networking, and interviewing, ultimately increasing their employability and prospects for a bright future. In essence, career counseling lays the foundation for students to make informed choices that lead to a successful and fulfilling career trajectory.

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