Steel Structure Design Engineer & Manager

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If you’re passionate about creating robust and efficient steel structures, this role offers exciting opportunities to contribute to large-scale construction projects. Apply your expertise to shape the skylines and infrastructure of tomorrow!

Steel Structural Design Engineer

Job Description

Structural Design and Analysis:

    • Use computer-aided design (STAAD Pro) software to create detailed engineering drawings and technical documents.
    • Analyze loads, pressures, and forces acting on steel structures.
    • Perform structural calculations to determine the strength and stability of steel members.
    • Consider factors such as wind, seismic forces, and live loads in the design process.
    • Collaborate with other engineers to optimize designs for efficiency and safety.

Material Selection and Specification:

    • Evaluate different types of steel materials and select appropriate ones based on project requirements.
    • Specify the dimensions, grades, and properties of steel components.
    • Ensure compliance with industry standards and codes (e.g., AISC Steel Construction Manual).

Construction Oversight:

    • Work closely with construction teams during the building phase.
    • Provide technical guidance to contractors and construction workers.
    • Review shop drawings and ensure they align with the approved design.
    • Address any design modifications or issues that arise during construction.

Quality Assurance and Safety:

    • Ensure that steel structures meet safety standards and regulations.
    • Perform quality checks on fabricated steel components.
    • Monitor welding and fabrication processes to maintain quality.
    • Conduct site visits to verify compliance with design specifications.

Collaboration and Communication:

    • Collaborate with architects, civil engineers, and other stakeholders.
    • Communicate effectively to convey design intent and requirements.
    • Participate in project meetings and coordinate with project managers.
    • Provide technical advice and solutions to address design challenges.

Research and Innovation:

    • Stay updated with industry trends, new materials, and construction techniques.
    • Explore innovative approaches to improve steel structural designs.
    • Participate in professional development activities and attend conferences.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience: Typically requires min 5 years of experience in structural design, preferably with a focus on steel structures in UAE(Must)
  • Skills:
    • Proficiency in CAD software {STAAD PRO(Must), AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, etc.}.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Knowledge of industry codes and standards (e.g., ASCE 7, AISC).
    • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.


Steel Structural Design Manager

Job Description


Design and Development:

    • Lead the design and development of structural engineering projects.
    • Develop and implement design strategies that align with the company’s branding and business goals.
    • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and competitors’ design initiative
    • Create engineering plans and specifications for structural elements, adhering to relevant codes and regulations.
    • Conduct thorough structural analysis and calculations to ensure integrity and safety.
    • Work closely with designers to conceptualize and create design concepts, sketches, or prototypes.
    • Review and approve design proposals and presentations.

Cost Estimation and Time Management:

    • Develop accurate cost estimates for projects.
    • Establish realistic time frames for project completion.

Leadership and Collaboration:

    • Lead and mentor a team of designers, including architects, structural engineers, steel and aluminum detailers.
    • Foster a creative and collaborative work environment, encouraging the team to generate fresh ideas and concepts.
    • Monitor project progress and address any challenges promptly.
    • Plan, organize, and prioritize design projects to meet deadlines and budget constraints.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering, projects and production, to ensure the successful execution of design projects.

Qualifications and Skills:

    • Education: A bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, mathematics, or a related field. A degree program in structural engineering is most applicable.
    • Licensing: Obtain a Professional Engineer (PE) license in the state where you plan to work.
    • Experience: Several years of experience working as an engineer, architect, or in a related field. Internships or apprenticeships can be beneficial.
    • Specialized Knowledge: Familiarity with specific fields (e.g., construction or bridge design) can enhance your career.
    • Leadership Abilities: Develop strong leadership skills by taking on roles within your organization.
    • Continuous Learning: Stay informed about industry developments, trends, and regulations through courses and seminars.

Staff Selection and Culture Building:

    • Select reliable and qualified professionals for your team.
    • Foster a culture of accountability, trust, and collaboration.
    • Empower team members to handle complex tasks confidently.


Salary & Package:

  • Steel Structural Design Engineer : 8000 AED Full package
  • Steel Structural Design Manager : 10000 AED Full package
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: UAE

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